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Terron India is among the finest quilting machine manufacturers, leading the way with innovative sewing solutions for quilters' diverse requirements. Our handcrafted and inventive quilting machines result from years of hard work that inspire creativity and productivity, encouraging our clients' love of quilting.

Quality first

At Terron India, quality is of the utmost importance. Our quilting machines boast excellent quality and durability, ensuring reliability. We seek to surpass our customers' expectations and deliver honest, rewarding products by offering first-rate materials and a rigorous quality standard. You must check the quilting machine price.

Attention to the needs of customers

Terron India is proud of providing first-class customer service, which is important when choosing a quilting machine. Our knowledge staff are on hand to lend a hand with product selection and technical support right through troubleshooting, ensuring your machine experience is as good as it can be. Our quilting machines provide comprehensive warranties and after-sales service to protect your investment by simplifying quilting.

Our Products

Terron India offers many quilting machines for beginners and pros. Products we offer:

1)Quilting machines standard:

Quilters and beginners looking for user-friendly, reliable machines with great results will love our standard quilting machines. These machines simplify quilting with speed control, automatic thread trimming, and many stitch options.

2)Computer quilters:

Our computerized quilting machines are precise and functional. To simplify quilting, these machines have cutting-edge technology, intuitive touchscreen interfaces, precise stitch control, intricate pattern options, and customizable settings.

3)Longarm quilting:

Professional quilters and businesses can choose from our most versatile and efficient longarm quilting machines. Ergonomic designs, extended throat spaces, and advanced quilting features allow these machines to handle bedspreads and intricate client designs.

4)Industrial quilting machines:

Our industrial quilting machines are fast, reliable, and effective for high-volume production and commercial use. Due to their sturdy construction, advanced stitching mechanisms, and customizable options, businesses worldwide trust these machines for efficiency and durability.

Why should you choose our best quilting machine?

Terron India calls its quilting machines superior in several ways. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us a quilting leader. Quilting machine selection means:

1)Innovative Tech:

We create precise, efficient and versatile machines using the latest quilting technology.

2)Durability and Dependability:

Our high-quality materials make them last for years.

3)Great Customer Service:

Prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing full support before, during and after purchase make for a smooth purchase.

4)Performance Proof:

Famous quilters choose our machines for quality and reliability, proving that we are the best for all skill levels. With our machines, we at Terron India combines our strengths in quilting, quality and innovation to create history. We provide the best quilting machine price in india.

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Single Needle Quilting Machine

  • Technical Specifications : 3min Per/ Pc
  • Electrical Specifications : Power 220v
  • Phase : Single
  • Machine Size : 3000
  • Weight: 900kg
  • Power: 220v
  • Speed: 2200 rpm
  • Pattern: 300
  • Usage: Quilts
  • Sewing Thikness: 70mm